In computing

  • The dvorak keyboard layout

  • Qido: A USB filter to enable hardware level Dvorak keyboard support with switching to QWERTY on double tap of numlock. These guys are expensive, but very nice.

  • VIM

  • command-t: Find and open files quickly

  • slime.vim: Be jealous of emacs no more! Use GNU Screen in dastardly unorthodox ways.

  • lusty-juggler: Switch between buffers extremely quickly with and your homerow keys. This script is a must have, but if you’re a Dvorak user, requires some retooling.

  • Go: Google’s new programming language brings some of the spark of fun programming back for me.

  • A Tour of Go: An absolutely wonderful way to learn how to use Go in less than an afternoon.

  • Plotinum: Written by a friend, this is the plotting package I use. You can see examples of these plots in my thesis!

  • Lenovo laptops: I currently own an X1 and am completely in love with it. I’ve not had a more solid machine.

  • Google Chrome Plugins:

  • Facebook Disconnect: Don’t let Zuckerberg know what you’re doing.

  • New Tab Redirect!: I don’t like the Chrome start page much.

  • Send from Gmail: I highly recommend setting up a "notes" tag in Gmail and setting a filter for to be automatically tagged. It’s private, fast, searchable, and you can annotate your notes as needed.

  • Makes a great homepage

  • Fasd: A tool to quickly navigate your "frecent" files and directories. That is, your files both most used and recently used. It’s pretty awesome for a heavy shell user!

In Kentucky

If you’re visiting Kentucky, I highly recommend these things:

  • Sergio’s World Beers: One of the top beer distinations in the country, Sergio’s has more rare beer than you can shake a 40 at. I proposed to my lovely fiance at Sergio’s!

  • Hillbilly Tea: Delicious and rustic, I believe they’ve captured a lot of the spirit of Kentucky (without Kentucky’s official spirit, if you catch my pun).

In New Hampshire

  • Moxie: The magical elixir.

  • Whoopie Pies: I don’t know the brand, but I always pick up whoopie pies when I’m at Market Basket; just don’t look at the nutrition information!

  • Silver Moon Creperie: Delicious crepes with great small business flair

  • Red Hook Brewery: While I don’t find Red Hook beer to be all that interesting, the brewpub has wonderful food and a variety of beers that are more interesting than what you might find at the supermarket with Red Hook’s name attached.

  • Portsmouth Brewery: Take Smuttynose and add delicious pub faire, Portsmouth Brewery is definitely a destination.

In Maine

  • Ebenezer’s Pub: The closest thing to Sergio’s we’ve found, and the owner is a Le Cordon Bleu chef!

  • The Honey Exchange: A great place to get honey supplies and honey stuff. Simply a delight to visit.

Non-technical books

  • The Hyperion Cantos: Simply the best Sci-Fi world and adventure I’ve encountered. Brilliant.

  • Anathem: A very interesting take on the monastic view of the world as compared to academia. The audio version of this got be home and through many drives to work.

Board & card games

  • Arkham Horror: It takes a lifetime to set up and isn’t easy while imbibing, but a day spent playing in Arkham is a day worth remembering. Hopefully, we’ll have plenty of time to invest in Arkham in the future.

  • Iota: A game much like Quadominoes in strategy, but fits easily in a pocket. I think the pattern recognition in Iota is both valueable and engaging.

  • Reading the dictionary: I have no reference for this. It’s a party we played over the holidays. One person picks a dictionary term and gives it to the other players. The leader enters the correct definition into a pile of guesses. Each player puts in their "definition" for the word, and then a voting round chooses the best definition. They can range from realistic sounding to wild and hilarious. Each vote gives the definition writer a point, and votes for the correct answer get 10 points. If nobody chooses the correct answer, the leader gets 10 points. Pass the

  • Crokinole: I’m working on plans for building my own boards, and keeping the Louisville Crokinole Club alive.

Programming languages

  • Go: I’ve been writing Go for about a year and a half now and I feel no reason that it should take second to any language in my list of favorites.

Did you notice how there aren’t any other languages in this list?

Interesting code/libraries

  • Blackfriday: Made Wurk possible

  • kakapo: Both an interesting lib and a project of my own! Kakapo is a small Lisp written in Go. I used it to make a lisp interpreter inside of AlePale.

  • velour: The IRC client for Acme written by friends in Go. I used its IRC connectivity layer for AlePale.

Useful tools

  • Github/Git: As a previous user of Mercurial, my transition to Git has been painful. However, between two jobs using Git only and working in an enviornment with lots of Git users, I’ve found it to be quite useful. Happily, I can keep hosting private repositiories in Git or Mercurial over at Bitbucket.

  • tmux: With the advent of my dotfiles repository, I’ve been able to get a ton of use out of tmux. Now wherever I go, I can connect to my working tmux sessions and have my development environment at the ready.

  • Dotfiles: I forked a nice auto-installer for storing user-level configuration in a Git repository. It’s been great to be able to change small settings and quickly pull them to all client machines I use. It’s one more step towards never having to worry about losing a hard drive ever again.

  • Oh My Zsh: I finally replaced bash, and I couldn’t be happier.

  • goimports: Bradfitz fixed one of the more obnoxious things about programming in Go. I love the strictness of imports, but I also love not having to deal with them. Now I can have both!

  • ctrlp.vim: This file finder is fast, fuzzy, and vim native. No need for stupid Ruby enabled versions of Vim!


  • Waze: Simply the best tool for driving ever. I’m proud to be Waze royalty.

  • Colloquy: Staying connected to friends on IRC is important. Mobile connections especially.

  • Todoist: It’s not Astrid, but evil Yahoo! killed Astrid so Todoist has to do.

  • Downcast: I always need something to keep me company in the morning.

  • Dash Plus: This app introduced me to the dash plus todo system, which is 100% my favorite thing ever. Mark incompletes with -, completes with +, moves with →, etc. All based off of the lowly -.


  • A good virtual hosting service I’ve used so far.

  • github: Code hosting, and nice too. (hope you already know about that one)

  • I’ll add more later

Physical goods

  • Orange Nalgene: I’ll never lose this wonderful liter of freshness.

  • Honda S2000: My beautiful new car.

  • Zymurgy Magazine: Great beer articles, decently priced.

  • Valentina Extra Hot: Simply wonderful hot sauce for the times when Sriracha doesn’t work well.

  • ~[Gerber Fit]: I lost my trusty Victorinox knife this year, but gained the Gerber Fit. It’s been a great companion and I hardly miss the old knife.~

  • Spyderco Sage 5: The knife that replaced my second Gerber since the Gerbers are incredibly cheap knives. This thing is beautiful.