This is something of a personal index of things I’m involved in and continually interested in. If any of it strikes your fancy, then I win! But if I didn’t fill in content here or there, don’t be surprised. There are in fact other things I have to do from day to day.

I am a graduate of University of New Hampshire, where I recieved a master’s degree in computer science. I’ve been involved in a number of jobs in the Louisville area on various computing tasks.

I am currently a visiting faculty member of the Indiana University Southeast computer science department and a Ph.D. student at University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering.

In an effort to paint a better picture of myself, maybe it’s better to see a list of things I like on the best of page.


  • Depth First Brewing - My public brewing recipies

  • CatBase - An IRC bot written in Go, based on the previous python bot

  • wurk - The code powering an older version of this website. It is written in Go as a mimic of the basic functionality of werc


You can email me at chris (dot) sexton (at) gmail (dot) com. I’d rather not share most other forms of contact, but feel free to be my Google+ friend and also to send instant messages over Google Talk.